I’m the crazy cat lady… with a camera

Yes, I have to admit I have two cats. They are both boy cats and are the entertainment of my day, sadly. Haha!  I’ve had my black and white cat for 10 years and just recently brought home my husbands cat who’s about 3 years old. They remind me of that Step Brothers movie, only they still haven’t gotten along. As soon as I started taking my first couple of pictures I ran straight to where my cats were. My husband made fun of me for it, but they are very photogenic, Haha! so while I was playing with a few pictures I had just taken, I just couldn’t help but post these. Don’t judge, just admire the quality of my camera HAHA! 

These were taken with just a B&W Digital MCR UV-HAZE filter to fit my 67mm.

ISO 100
1/13 sec.

This is my 10 year old cat, George

ISO 3200
1/15 sec.
This is Stevie, my 3 years old cat


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