The Unexpected Graveyard

While exploring the grounds of a local winery, my husband and I were surprised to see a little plot of land at the top of it. As we stepped into the gated area we realized that it was a graveyard, but not of the family that owned the winery. They were old and some of the stone were cracked and broken. Some dated in the 1700’s and I couldn’t help but find it the more beautiful side of the vineyard. I felt a sense of peace and sadness, hoping that the family’s who’s relatives were in there didn’t forget about them. It was silent, due to it being so secluded at the end of a vineyard, that I wished I could have stayed there for hours. Thinking of who these people were, and what they did in their lives. While there, I took a few pictures and I wish I would have taken more.

These were taken with just a B&W Digital MCR UV-HAZE filter to fit my 67mm. 

ISO 250
1/60 sec.

ISO 100
1/50 sec.


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