Covered bridges remind me of Sleepy Hollow

So my town is supposedly famous for its covered bridges. In 1925 this Bridge was built to, I believe, transport logs to and from the mill close by and was in operation until 1951. The bridge was also used in the movie, The General, staring Buster Keaton in 1926. Last year, in 2010, the bridge had to be destroyed due to how dangerous it was with it’s age, and the wear and tear a storm had done to it. It was very sad to see something so old and beautiful filled with so much history be torn down. I still wish to this day I had taken pictures of it, but they built a new bridge to represent the old one in 2011. Even though it’s still very hard not to see the old bridge there, this one is a nice replacement with a small park and memorial billboards next to it. I went walking there on a beautiful sunny day so I was able to see a lot more color in my photos than usual. 

While I was taking these pictures, I couldn’t help but thinking of my favorite horror story, Sleepy Hollow. I grew up watching the cartoon and I became completely obsessed with it at one point and wanted to learn all about it. Every time I look through them I get this haunting and exciting feeling that I can’t help but smile about. Enjoy 🙂

These were taken with just a B&W Digital MCR UV-HAZE filter to fit my 67mm. 

ISO 100
1/125 sec.

ISO 100
1/40 sec.

ISO 100
1/80 sec.


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