I enjoy snow, as long as I’m inside, looking at it.

So, this post was harder for me. I’ve been putting off posting these pictures mainly because, I’m not fond of snow, at all. I woke up and was especially cold (due to the old house, lack of insulation, and the broken window in my room that you’ve recently seen in my past post) that morning. I can almost predict when it snows outside by the chill in the air. I’ve been hearing on the news, as they threatened, “Yes, it’s going to possibly snow.” I slowly looked out my window, and there they were, white puffs of ice stared at me, almost laughing, “You thought you wouldn’t see us again! Yes it’s almost March, but that doesn’t matter!” I sighed and my husband encouraged me to see the beauty in it and to go out and take a few pictures. It was a wet slushy snow, my favorite, so it was already starting to melt. I know this sounds silly, but when I look at pictures I see myself in them, even if they are close up pictures I think of myself as small as Alice in Wonderland, walking around the flowers or through the long forest of grass. I see myself in it and that’s how I see the beauty, that’s how I see the purpose in every photograph I look at. That’s when I start to understand all photographers. So, these are the ones that made me feel a little bit better about standing in cold, wet snow 🙂

These were taken with just a B&W Digital MCR UV-HAZE filter to fit my 67mm. 

ISO 100
1/200 sec.

ISO 100
1/8000 sec.

ISO 100
1/400 sec.



      1. i have the t2i, but I’m seriously going back and forth about the 60d. It seems like the camera for me. No no, I ask because of your lens! I pretty much exclusively shoot with the 50mm 1.8 prime but am going to pick up the 18-135 in the morning. I just couldnt help but notice you use that very lens! How do you like it?

      2. You know, I’m very new to the camera, I’ve only been using it for a few months and I love it so far! Just trying to figure out everything I can do with it 🙂 But I like it a lot! I’m looking into getting a wide angle lens next, any suggestions?

      3. You know I haven’t even looked into that yet! I’m reading a book on how to do more with this camera at the moment and I’m excited to get into the landscape chapter, because that’s what I like doing the most. I’ll have to look into it!

      4. HAHAHA It’s so much fun! I love it! That’s all I’ve ever really done, I’ve been taking photographs with my old Canon Rebel for 10 years! So to go from that to digital is AMAZING! Landscapes so much fun you’ll love it! I’m trying to learn how to take more portraits.. and I’m scared lol

      5. see, i LOVE portraits! I get people. I don’t quite know what to do with the land. I’m dedicating 2 days a week to hiking though so I’m hoping the weight of my camera around my neck will remind me to try try try

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