Another crazy cat lady post.

So as I’ve mentioned in a past post, that I’m absolutely crazy about my cats. My husbands cat Stevie thinks he’s a puppy at times and loves following me around. He’s like my little sidekick, anytime I’m in my room taking pictures out my window or in my room experimenting with different settings on my camera he’s right there watching me. I was even practicing my portrait shots with my brother on our front porch and Stevie was staring at me through the window! While my husband is miles and miles away from me, Stevie is sometimes the only thing that keeps me smiling. I know its silly, he’s just a cat, but he’s much more than that to me 🙂 So while he’s following me around I tend to take a few shots of him, now keep in mind, these are photos from like a month ago when I wasn’t doing well on where I needed to focus and he kept moving lol, so they are a little blurry but I think they are really sweet 🙂 


And this one just made me laugh lol! Thanks for checking out my site!




  1. I love that cat!! SO beautiful!! I think cats have a six sense about people. William was not there to be with you so his cat sort of took his place…in a sense William was there with you. It is very sweet!

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