I need a remote switch

Ok, so the other night we had a great moon out. In Oregon, being able to have the sky clear enough to see the moon during the winter is a big deal! HAHA! So I rushed my camera and tripod out there, tried to take a few pictures, and it was freezing! They didn’t come out the greatest, in order for the night shots to look better I need a remote switch, but I still think it turned out pretty cool 🙂 ENJOY!





  1. Nice image.

    One trick: if you do not have a remote, set your camera to the self-timer. You might even program it to take multiple shots using the self-timer. This way, there won’t be any camera shake from your pressing the button and you’ll get a better chance of a shot that you like if you take several.

  2. I’m also looking into a remote switch but also don’t have the money. 😛 What I do is a little crazy but works. When I take photos with longer than the 30 second set shutter speed (ie BULB setting), I take an eraser from a pencil and tape it over the shutter release button. If that helps at all great, if not there’s an idea anyway. 🙂 Good luck!

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