Memories of new love :)

Today the sun came out, so I decided to get out of the house! Haha! I drove around town with my camera and couldn’t decide what I wanted to take pictures of. Our little town is beautiful and it’s as easy as just walking a few feet and having something amazing to photograph. As I started to drive back home I turned down a street that looked familiar and found one of our cemeteries. I love cemeteries, I can’t really explain why, I think I did explain it a little in a post of mine about a month ago. This one holds a special memory for me 🙂 My husband and I were only dating and one day we decided to go on a walk, we walked all the way to this cemetery and fell in love with it! We had our little cameras with us and took pictures of each other and the old headstones, the place is gated now, so I wasn’t able to go inside. Now that he is over seas, any place that holds a good memory of us being together is important to me. So this is for you William 🙂

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  1. Why on earth is it gated? I don’t understand that, how can anyone go and visit the graves if they can’t get in.
    Love the photos, love the lushness of the foliage.

    1. Oh goodness! I wrote a whole message to you back on this and it must have never posted! I’m sorry! Yes, we had a bunch of younger kids coming into the cemetery and they brought the head stones and moved them around and it was just a mess. The city came and places the headstones back to where they belonged, they are hundreds of years old. So they thought gating it would be best. It’s a shame that people don’t know how to respect areas like that.

  2. I know, it’s so sad that they had to gate it. People were vandalizing the old headstones and many were damaged. These are GORGEOUS photos! I absolutely love that place!

  3. Great photos! and you got to me when you mentioned your husband is overseas. Funny (good) all the little things we can do to connect to our husbands/families when they are far away.

  4. okay, thats adorable! i feel the same way about capital lake here in olympia. My boyfriend took me on a walk there on a cold winter night on one of our first dates. maybe our first date actually. memories…. ❤

  5. Your pics are beautiful and I am glad that you had a place that both you and William loved that you could go to while he was oversees. I love old cemeteries. At my grandparents old house there was a little cemetery that we would visit. It was tucked back into a newly developed subdivision but even though a bunch of houses were being built the cemetery was never touched. It was located next to the Tennessee River and had a beautiful back drop. It only had three or four plots (a family place) but I think you would have loved it. I even tried to find out about the people buried there but found nothing. I feel bad because I do not remember their names. Everyone deserves to be remembered.

    1. I agree! You’re an amazing person for wanting to know their names 🙂 not many people would care. Yes I absolutely would have loved it! There are so many old cemeteries here, I have so many more to photograph 🙂

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