Road trip on the Interstate 5

I found these photos I took during the visit to see my Grandpa a few weeks ago. My mom and I had to go down to Southern California to take care of him for about a week and on a 14 hour drive, you tend to get bored of mix CDs and audio books. I got my camera (Frank) out and thought I’d just take a few shot, I didn’t think any of them would be very good, but I underestimated my amazing camera! HAHA! I was so happy when I was going through my pictures I decided to share a few of them! After a few adjustments I think they turned out to be very fun shots. 







  1. These are FANTASTIC shots. (You have the camera I want.) But it’s not just the camera that took these shots … it’s YOU.

  2. I love that you call your camera Frank.
    These are great images, and if you had taken the car out of the images, they would have been fantastic. I think you give Frank way too much credit. You decide what to take, not the camera. You have a good eye.

    1. I’m in cottage grove Oregon lol! About 30 minutes south of Eugene. Yeah I love the area you live in and just that whole state is awesome! Because my husbands a tech guy we are probably going to be moving up to Vancouver Washington as soon as he gets a job and gets back. Is it a lot rainer up there? I mean, I know its not much farther but I was curious lol

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