I’ve got a lovely bunch of… Fruits and Veggies!

I was so excited when I discovered our Farmer’s Market! We are a very small town and there’s one guy who sells fresh fruits and veggies along with various other things. I was surprised when I saw he had Chai Tea, Flax seed, jellies, honey, even whole wheat flour! I almost grabbed another box of Chai Tea, but then realized I had like two other kinds of it at home! HAHA! Chai is my comfort tea 🙂  It was pouring rain and windy and I covered my camera as well as I could, wondering if i should have even brought it, but then I got there and saw all the beautiful colors! I was so excited that I just started snapping away and I grabbed some avocado before I left 🙂  












  1. Hey, you found me! David told me about your blog last evening, but I couldn’t find it until today. It is very nice. I see we like the same sort of things. That must be what he noticed.

    I just finished doing some shots of some tiny peppers we bought today. Tomorrow, I will post the photos on my garden & nature blog. Now, I am off to check out a few more pages.

    1. Oh excellent! Yes, I noticed our similar styles! You have a great eye. I’m still learning and having this blog and meeting other people with my same passion is pretty amazing 🙂 Thank you so much for checking out my site 😀

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