I see a red door and I want to paint it black

I grew up watching old black and white movies. When I was 10 years old the scariest movie I ever saw were, The Birds, by Alfred Hitchcock and in middle school one of my favorite movies was Rebecca, also Hitchcock. I used to envy Ginger Rogers’ grace, wanted to look like Audery Hepburn, and fell in love with Cary Grant. As I became a little bit better at photography I started liking to make them black and white, it just gives me a sense of comfort and gives it a classic touch. It can also be mysterious and make a, not a pretty, place look a lot better AHAHA! So I took a few photos while coming home from the dentist and I wasn’t exactly thrilled with how they looked, but once I set it to black and white, I finally saw the beauty in it 🙂 




  1. I agree! Trees look wonderful in black and white, when they are bare.

    When my family visited my mother’s parents in California, we always went to Bodega Bay to swim, that was the beach where The Birds was filmed. Of course, I always checked the area for black birds when we got there.

  2. The scariest movie I saw growing up was Rosemary’s Baby. Making things black and white can mean that you concentrate on the textures and lines in an image, you don’t have the distraction of colour. Love the image.

  3. There is beauty in everything…you just have to find the right perspective…I love that yours is black and white! 🙂 So elegant and classy!

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