Distance makes the heart grow fonder.. and the mind go crazy

While looking through and adjusting my photos, I couldn’t help picking this one and calling it, “Distance”. My husband has been living away from me for over 8 months. It’s been the hardest time of my life. I’ve mentioned it before, but he’s working a contract IT job in Afghanistan and won’t be home until August. My heart goes out to everyone who has a loved one out there, it’s so painful. He’s my best friend and to have him so far away just tears me up inside, everything around me seems wrong and life is harder than usual. I don’t do well without him and yesterday was an extremely hard day for me. I blame myself for my attitude and the way I act when I’m so down. I’m like a totally different person, I get angry more easily, I’m clingy and emotional, it’s just bad lol! When I talked to him last night on skype, I took it all out on him. I really shouldn’t have. I feel awful and everything I say seems to come out wrong as I try and make up for it. He’s stuck by me even though I was a complete mess and I love him as much more for it. 

This was taken on a long road that runs next to our main freeway called, Sears Road. It’s gorgeous and I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more pictures of it. It’s my favorite road to just drive down when I feel like to need to escape 🙂 



Isn’t he dashing? 😉






  1. Poor baby 😦 I’m sorry this is so hard for you… both. I love you and am so glad for the gift that I’ve been given of a precious year of your life. And, yes! He is adorable!!!

  2. That is the great thing about marriage, you stick through it when times are good and bad. He loves you and yes he is adorable! 🙂 I am glad he is back for your and your family’s sanity!! 😉

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