Come Fly With Me

Today started out boring. I get up, ate breakfast and slowly got to cleaning our three bathrooms. I turned my iPod on, I looked out the window and saw God’s beauty. I can’t even explain how beautiful it looked in person, first off, the sun was shining, again! We’ve been getting quite a bit of sun lately 🙂 But it wasn’t just sunny, the clouds were dancing as well! I ran to get Frank (my camera), and we had the greatest time! HAHA! The first photo was taken in my bathtub, I sat in it while taking them, nothing weird about that lol! Then I decided to take an adventure and drove by the lake and took the second photo, the other two were taken out the windows of my house again. When I see clouds like that I think of sitting on them, traveling with where the wind goes, I think about cotton candy, and then I get hungry, haha! I had the so much fun taking these photos, I just couldn’t believe how amazing it looked 🙂





I just had fun with the angle on this one lol



  1. We’ve had some good clouds here the past few days. Good clouds are rare because we usually have to put up with the marine layer of dull gray. We have an awesome sunset going on right now, too. Bee right back.

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