In case you didn’t have enough eggs this weekend…

Yes, this is an Easter Egg themed blog lol! My mom and I woke up this morning and instead of going to church we had a little Bible study of our own, and just enjoyed the quiet morning. My youngest brother stayed home to do homework and my mom mentioned dying eggs, why not! We’re all grown up and so my youngest brother came in and just dyed one egg, mainly for our amusement, and my other brother decided to relax at his own house. So it was a little quiet, but my mom and I had fun just playing around with all the different dyes, and later dipped our fingers in bleach to get rid of the stains HAHA! So, in case you guys didn’t do anything with eggs this weekend, I’ll share mine with you 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, if anything, I hope it was just relaxing. 

This is what my table looked like this morning lol 











  1. I love how our ghost, Manny, put little stripes on all of our eggs for us! We couldn’t have done it better! Awesome photos!

      1. OMG (to quote my students)! These are fabulous. Good clean focal points. Good use of depth of field. Excellent color clarity! I am truly impressed and believe that these could easily be published in newspaper or magazine.

  2. Dying eggs is so much fun! I did it this year with my 6 year old cousin and we had a blast! I love the Campbell’s soup mug!! 🙂

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