George and Stevie

So it’s been a while sense I’ve posted a blog about my cats, I know everyone has been dying to know how they are doing! HAHAHA 😛 I have to tell you the cutest thing about George, he’s my black and white cat, he’s 10 years old and he’s just got one of the most interesting personalities! My family likes to call him, The Devil, because he’s just spoiled rotten and knows it, and meows in the middle of the night so that one of us will let him outside. Yes, he’s a handful, but I’m crazy about him 🙂 Every time I leave in my car or go for a walk, I get home and he runs up meowing the whole way, greeting me with his eyes all innocent, and I sit there and pet him for a few minutes. I just think it’s the cutest thing and I love that about him! Luckily, I got a picture of him running up and greeting us during one of our walks and my camera was on! I was so excited to finally get a picture of him doing that. As I walked up I saw my other cat, Stevie, also waiting for me in the house! HAHA! I love these boys 🙂 






  1. Good thing there’s no sound on here or no one would have stayed on to read the whole blog! That meow of his is so annoying!!! Great pictures, though… especially of Baby Stevie! Don’t tell George I said that, I fear the Devil!!!

  2. i swear i have the exact same poses of my cat! I like the cat in the window picture. i like to take those and call them “ghost cats” in a tribute to all the ghost in window pictures floating around!

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