Storms on a Sick Day

I don’t mind the rain so much, as long as I’m sick and forced to stay indoors. I’ve been sick for the last couple of days so I haven’t been able to take poor Frank (my camera) out on our usual adventures! It’s been rainy and stormy and today is suppose to be pretty bad, so I’m thankful I don’t have to stay inside while it’s beautiful! This morning I woke up to the sun and almost cried, but the clouds are coming back and I’m ready to sit and read for a while.

I just recently started the Hunger Games, it’s a surprisingly good book! I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but the writing style of this author is a lot like mine and it’s just a unique story. So here are a few photographs from our last sunny day here, they aren’t the best, but I don’t have a lot to work with at the moment haha! Enjoy 🙂

The Alice in Wonderland Effect, sometimes while taking flower or plant photos I like to lay on the ground and take them from this angle. It’s my favorite view to a flower, makes me want to be as small as one and my imagination goes crazy with the idea of it 🙂






  1. OK! You can stop calling yourself “wannabephotopher” ……. You ARE a photographer. You have an understanding of what is good. The shot of the daisies is phenomenal. Fabulous perspective.

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