Where’s the Muffin?

I have to start by saying how sad I was about this photo set I took yesterday. I’m still learning about all the buttons and switches on my camera, so when I took my friend, Austin, to go take some photographs I had forgotten something very important. The last time I had used my camera, I had it on my tripod…and had the stabilizer off.. and forgot to turn it back on for the shots I took below. I can’t explain to you how disappointed I am in myself! The pictures I took of my friend were really cute and we were just running around a forest having fun, that I didn’t check back on the camera to see how most of them turned out. So with that in mind please forgive the blurriness, I now know to double check all my settings before taking any other photographs, especially ones with people I  care about in them.

Now for the fun, this post is a form of “Where’s Waldo”, but I have nicknamed my friend, Austin about 6 years ago, Fluffy Muffin. HAHA! I can’t really explain why I named him that, but it stuck and he’s a great sport about it. Throughout the years it’s strictly “Fluffy” now, although I do still love just calling him Muffin 😀 While frolicking through the woods we decided to step off the path and go into the crazy growth area and he came up with the “Where’s the Muffin?” idea! HAHA!

The first photo is the best of all my blurry ones that I could find of Fluffy 🙂 You can tell in the photo he’s just a sweet kid, outgoing and always up for an adventure! Even though it’s kind of blurry, I still think it looks kind of cool 🙂


Let the games begin!!! Where’s the Muffin??




I did take a total of four hidden shots of him, but these two were the only ones that came out well, I hope you had fun!  😀


  1. Those are GREAT!!! I had to blow them up to find him! Aaaawww I do love Muffin, such a great “subject”. Great photos – I really like the first one, it looks like it was taken that way purposefully. Nice job!

  2. Did you redo your site? I don’t remember the cool daisy graphic at the top or the robin’s egg blue background. It looks great!

  3. I agree Austin is a great kid. His other nickname is Hoss. I love these pictures of him, Amanda. I love his smile. Oh, and the where is the muffin photos were fun lol. Thanks for sharing.

  4. i think everyone has done that. i accidently left my iso setting on like 1600 once on a sunny day and ruined like 200 pictures of someone 😦 and its true, you NEVER do it again. lol. experience is something you have to earn i guess. keep at it <3. ALSO- loving the new daisy header! so adorable!

    1. thank you so much for that story! Knowing I’m not the only one helps for sure lol! I was just so sad about it, but yes I learned lol! That daisy shot is one of my favs!! Nice and summer looking 🙂 are you having a warm weekend? Its so warm down here lol

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