The Versatile Award!!!


An amazing blogger and soldier nominated me for the Versatile award!! I’m so happy and surprised! Thank you so much for being so faithful to my blog and for enjoying my pictures 🙂 I respect you as an artist and as a soldier to our country. Thank you for all that you do!

The rules of the award:

  1. Add the award to your blog
  2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you
  3. Mention 7 random things about yourself
  4. List the rules
  5. Pass on the Award to 15 or more bloggers

Seven random things about me:

  1. I love the color orange and one of the walls in my room is that color! HAHA
  2. I love reading most everything. 
  3. I have a sensitive nose and I can smell things that most people can’t HAHA
  4. I only sing, alone, in my car lol
  5. I’m a light weight, and pass out after one glass of wine
  6. I’m crazy in love with my husband, William (Although, you all probably already know that :P)
  7. I hate the rain, but I love how green and beautiful it makes everything around me 🙂

I didn’t think my blog was going to get any attention at all. I was shocked when I started getting followers and they actually started talking to me! I’m so thankful for everyone who encourages me and give me the confidence to do this everyday 🙂 These are the amazing people I Nominated:

  1. deanjbaker
  2. sandy
  3. andy1076
  4. Pink Ninjabi
  5. Leanne Cole
  6. ☆ MagicAperture
  7. Kam
  8. Hannah Wehrheim
  9. mona
  10. barisaxnumbertwo
  12. Snapshooter
  13. Russel Ray Photos
  14. zannyro
  15. mdphotographers

No pressure on reposting this guys, I just wanted to acknowledge you all, in no particular order, and let you know how much your feedback and friendship means to me 🙂 

Thank you everyone! 


  1. Hi Amanda, first of all, congratulations for this award. You deserve it for your posts – really versatile on flowers, sky, clouds, pets, people, eggs, etc…

    Thanks and I really am happy and grateful for your kind gesture – I got this one already and I wish, if you could give it to someone else who deserves it better than me :), I would be a lot happier.

  2. Wowee! What an honor! Holy cow! Two awards in one day! Whaaat!! Wow!!! Holy geez! So honored! And new homework! HAHA.. Thank you such an honor.

    Wooo, sooo interested in reading about your love story and how you two meet and how did you know he was the one and stay in love? Yes, yes, long story I know, but sooo interested in hearing positive love story (that ain’t just Hollywood).

    Hugs, and thank you sooo much!


    1. HAHAHA Hmmmm that’s a nice blog idea 🙂 I’ll have to dig up some decent shots of us, lol, he’s beautiful but I do not photograph well! HAHA! But that would be a lot of fun, thank you for the idea 😀 You are very fun and excited and encouraging! You completely deserve this award 🙂

      1. Thank you soo much. It really made my day. 😀 If no photos, just the storyline with a bit of princess and prince in it is fine too. 😀


  3. Way to go, Wanna Be! It’s got to feel tremendous to have your blog recognized with this award! I also appreciate the shout out from you!

    1. Yeah it took me a while because I wasn’t able to copy your blog name for some reason, so it’s only your link, but I hope a lot of people go to your site and see how talented you are 🙂 You totally deserve this award!

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