Sun, oh how you tease…

We were teased. Last weekend was warm and amazing! Sun, cool clouds and I was just in awe of how amazing Oregon looks when everything is green and bright 🙂 I feel like we don’t get enough of that up here. I’m writing this while it’s raining, hailing and windy outside lol! I’m really excited about the photos I took last weekend, they are kind of random, but some of my favorites are in this bunch. I went on a walk with Fluffy aka Austin, but I prefer Fluff… poor kid lol! We walked down to our river that’s literally 2 minutes from my house! At the moment, the water is a little muddy from the rains and everything so I didn’t take any of the water much, but on our walk there, I stumbled upon some interesting shots 🙂  







  1. I love them all! I love the beautiful blue sky! I love the amazing way the sun looks like a star over the dandelion… but most of all I love Fluffy in a sea of miniature daisies!!!!

  2. I agree with Busybarb. Each photo in this series is really awesome! I have been going back and forth between all 3 and I seriously could not pick a favorite… 🙂

  3. Dear Wanna Be, these are all amazing! While I LOVE the colors in the first shot, I really love the perspective in the second shot. I’ve seen all kinds of dandelion shots this spring, but this one of yours is truly unique. Way to go, girl!

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