The Local Treasure I Found

While going to a few places with my mom one day, we stumbled upon a local coffee place! I had no idea it even existed and as soon as I walked in, I didn’t want to leave. The girl at the front counter had a big smile and I felt like I’d just walked into a place I’d been a million times. We talked about coffee and it was just a very comfortable place. The warm colors on the walls and the smell of that amazing coffee aroma just took me over and I had to take pictures. I was so happy I had brought my camera that day 🙂 

They had coffee, sandwiches, and even WINE….wine… I was definitely at home there lol! I asked to talk pictures and I’m glad I did start taking them at that moment, because it started getting really busy. So I was able to take a few shots of it before everyone started filing in. 

Just a reminder for everyone, please try and stay local. Support these small businesses, the family owned, anything that will help keep your town, or even your city, personal. I feel like these big businesses come in and there’s not the same connection you get if you go to a local store with people who might want your area to be just that much closer. So I challenge you all to take some time and explore the local places in your area, you might be surprised in what you find 🙂 
















  1. I totally agree with you. If you find places locally you should use them. I think that is why some of the franchises from the US have not worked here because people like local. Even McDonalds has had to diversify here. While we have places like that our fish and chip shops still do well. If a coffee shop is good it will always have clientele.

  2. Hello cloud lover! Hey, have you checked out my ” I came across” on my blog? click the photo on the right hand side of my blog (the big grey cloud ) and be amazed!

  3. It looks like an AMAZING place. (And you had me at wine…)

    If I get out to Oregon, you’ll have to share the name so I can check it out in person!

      1. That would be awesome! Now I shall cross my fingers for a business trip to Oregon…

  4. I totally agree! Supporting local businesses is definitely the way to go! Love your photography! What type of camera do you often bring with you? Your pictures are always so crisp and colorful! 😀


    1. I only have one camera and it’s a Canon EOS 60D 😀 Got it for Christmas so I’m slowly learning how to do different things with it AHA! Thank you 🙂 I also use the program Lightroom 4 to adjust them and make them the way I want them to look 🙂 It’s a lot of work HAHA

      1. HAHA.. wowee! What an inspiration! 😀 Thank you so much for sharing the lens in which you see the world, and all its beauty. 😀


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