Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!!


I have become very close to my fellow blogger Leanne Cole, she is just an incredible photographer and writer and I look up to her so much! I was so pleased to see that I was nominated by her, I just couldn’t believe that she found me worthy HAHA! Thank you so much Leanne! You are what I strive to be as a photographer 😀 Thank you!!

The rules are to thank the person who nominated you, list 7 random things about yourself and then list 7 people you’d like to Nominate. So here we go …

1. I drink a whole pot of coffee within a few hours, sometimes it only takes an hour lol!

2. I have my tablet and smart phone glued to my side so I can talk to my hubby who is also glued to his computer screen during our daytime lol!

3. I enjoy hiking but I hate nature lol

4. Well, I don’t so much hate nature as I do bugs… yes, I despise insects lol

5. I don’t like talking about myself so these answers are lame lol!

6. I hate to admit that I’ve become obsessed with Minecraft, I’m a nerd 😛

7. I’ve recently become obsessed with the Hunger Games as well! YAY!

Here are my 7 Nominated bloggers that inspire me in no particular order:

Even though we don’t chat all the time, their blogs are just fun and creative and they inspire me when it comes to making my blog as exciting and fun as theirs 🙂


  1. Trust me – I’m at the peak of my happiness. As always, you rock with your photographs and words too. And, you are more inspiring.

    You must have noticed, I’ve deleted my blog and you still linking to it means a lot and more lot. 🙂
    Please –
    Link to my picture blog in which I might post possibly.

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