My little brother + Lightroom 4

Ever sense I’ve gotten the Lightroom 4 program, I haven’t really played much with the photos I’ve taken in the past. The portraits I took of my brother are still my favorite so far, so I decided to take a few that I like a little better than others, they are one’s you’ve probably seen before, but I really wanted certain colors to come out in them. So today I just really wanted to show you how amazing Lightroom 4 can be. Sorry for the repeats, lol, I just thought they looked better than the originals 🙂 










  1. Number 3 it totally my fave, his expression and the contrasty B&W is a winning picture – well done!

  2. Great use of the Light Room as it displays a different emotion and visual for each one. I wanted to do something similar for a photo of me and my mom. Thanks for sharing! 😀


  3. You’ve done a great job with all of them. I have lightroom 3, but have never really played with it. Seems like it would be really good and I’ve heard people rave about it. I really like what you have done with the portraits.

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