Hope You Remembered to Bring Sunscreen!

I live 10 minutes away from two beautiful lakes that God, has ever so kindly, blessed us with! I wish I liked to swim, lol, but I do enjoy to walk around them, they each have walking trails and my family and I like to go there for some peace and quiet. We try to ignore the sudden voice of a bicyclist that says, “On your left!” as we jump to our rights and they zoom on by 😛 Dorena Lake is definitely my favorite out of the two and has better views in my opinion. So today you’ll be stepping into my world:

Welcome to Dorena Lake! Hope you enjoy the views 😉 


My mama 🙂


And my dad 🙂









  1. I am with you, more for the trails than the water. It is lovely to look at, though. What a nice area that is!

  2. Great lake, I am finding as I get older I love water too, and like you, I don’t like swimming much, but I like to be near it. I also love, love photographing it, I think that is what I am discovering with my blog. I love your lake and your photos.

    1. thank you! Haha good to know I could like swimming later, my husband is a fish and is always sad when I don’t swim with him haha! Yes I love taking photos f the lake too 🙂 water is just beautiful…to look at 😛

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