Reflections, well… water reflections

Ok this is where I start freaking out over how amazing a program like Lightroom 4 is! Keep in mind I’ve never had a photo program before like Photoshop or anything, so Lightroom 4 is like amazing to me lol! I took these photos of water and was hoping that maybe I was able to bring out more of the reflections. When I started playing with them I was amazed at how clear I was able to make them! You look into the water, and you have no idea it’s water! Just amazing. I was pretty happy with these 🙂 Let me know what you think!


Which of these first two do you like better? Black and White or Color?









  1. I like the colour one better, I think with the black and white one you might need to lighten it up a bit, it is very dark, not enough white. Maybe more contrast. I did a post on converting images to black and white, I can find it if you are interested.

    I love the greenness of the colour images, they look so rich.
    Please remember, if I say something, if anyone does, it is just our opinion and if you don’t agree that is fine. Photography, like any art, is subjective.

    1. Thank you! Oh yes I know, someone mentioned the black and white thing and I thought I’d try it. I agree it is too dark, but the brighter it got it looked too bright, so i left it dim lol! I don’t know, still playing around with it I guess 😛

  2. i love the color version! You know what I really love about black and white though? I feel like you can edit a photo further with less risk of making it look “over processed.” Sometimes, I do a few versions and get them printed at the store, tape em up and do some real world comparison.

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