Portland Japanese Gardens Part 5 (The Greens and the Steps)

I like to call this post “The Greens and the Steps” When I said it to myself, it almost sounded like the title to a poem or tale haha! I’ve been reading a lot of Edgar Allan Poe lately, when I told that to my husband he said, “Are you depressed or something?” lol! Honestly, I just love getting into his head, be it dark or twisted, I still see the beauty in it, especially in my favorite poem, Annabel Lee. If you’re not familiar with the poem you must read it at once! Someday I’ll take some coast pictures and put in the post a few lines from it, but in this post, it doesn’t quite work.

I know this post has nothing to do with the pictures, I really didn’t have anything clever to add to these today except for the title HAHA! I hope you enjoy them 🙂

The Greens…




… and the Steps 







  1. I love the colours in these images, the place looks so lush, and damp and so fertile. It looks like a truly peaceful place, and any noise, except from birds would seem out of place, is it like that?

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