My Little Brother, the Fire Fighter :)

My brother Eric, whom I’ve posted pictures of in the past, is training and going to school to become an EMT fire fighter! We are all soooo proud of him 🙂 He still has some more years to go, but he’s officially a fire fighter, so he goes on calls and everything. A few weeks ago they had some training at the fire station in the tower where the guys have to climb a ladder into a window and they actually have it to where the floor falls out from under them! No worries though, there was padding in the bottom for them, lol, but it’s just to prepare them for whatever comes their way. 

Ok so get this, these pictures were taken out our bathroom window HAHA! We just live a few houses down from the station. So when he was training that day he called my mom up and said, “Look out the window!” I grabbed Frank (my Canon) and saw my little brother in the tower window! If you zoom in on the first picture you can see him making a heart shape with his hands 🙂 





      1. Yes, she’s sooo funny! She wrote another new one that I flipped through a bit, and it’s just as hilarious! Sooo funny.. 😀


  1. This is so lovely and natural.

    Not just the nature photography, but photographs of real-time while we live the same time – they leave very happy marks – like this one.

  2. Please thank Eric for wanting to be an EMT fire fighter. There are certain things that I could never do — military, police officer, fire fighter, and anything having to do with someone else’s blod.

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