Welcome to my Reading Spot

You all know how much I just love my bedroom windows, lol! I especially love them during the end of spring, the windows in my room face this huge cherry tree. It blooms these beautiful little flowers and sometimes, while I’m reading, I’ll sit toward them so i can see them move in the breeze. We had a beautiful sunset and my curtains look awesome this time of day, haha! As I was snapping a few silly shots I noticed something making the branches go crazy! I zoomed in to see a squirrel eating the buds on the tree! HAHA! I was so excited and took a few shots, this one looks the best I think. I couldn’t zoom in any closer, so hopefully you can see him pretty well 🙂 

I hope these photos relax you as much as it did for me while I was taking them.






  1. Both of these photographs are very beautiful. I really do enjoy the way you compose your photos. The first photograph is very inviting and beautiful. Love the reflection of what appears to be the trees on the outside of the curtains…

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