The difference between George and Stevie…

We had a beautiful warm and sunny day a few weeks ago and because of it I went ahead and let my “indoors only” cat, Stevie, out to explore the yard. He’s still very new to being outside, and because we live in such a wet state, I haven’t been able to let him out much. But now that our days are getting warmer, we will be letting him explore a lot more. My oldest cat, George, has been an indoor/outdoor cat for years now. He’s good about staying in ours and our neighbors yards and doesn’t go farther than that. 

After sitting and watching the two cats outdoors I started laughing at how differently they took it. Granted, George has been outside for years, but Stevie, even indoors, is afraid of his own shadow, lol! George just sat there, posed for me a bit and let me know I was in his yard. He welcomed me by walking toward me while I tried to take a picture of him and rubbed his face on my lens. Then he sat watching me carefully, letting me know he didn’t like Stevie in his yard lol!






After observing George, I started focusing on Stevie. Now, a reminder, Stevie is my husbands cat from southern California. Because it was so unsafe to have him outside, he just stayed an indoor cat until I brought him up here with me 🙂 No matter how much I called to Stevie, he would not look at me, lol! He was way too amazed and frightened of this new world around him. You would have never guessed that this was the 5th time he’d been outside 😛








  1. Our cat never goes outside, he would like to, but here is too dangerous, and it is not safe for the birds. We have lots of native birds that fly into our garden and he would destroy that, so Tiddles stays in. Do you think Stevie will ever used to it?

    1. Awww yeah that’s why Stevie stayed an indoor cat in California too. Just not safe there 😦 LOL I have no idea if he will ever get used to it, but he does like to lay on our porch and watch the squirrels and birds. He’s way too chicken to chase them I think lol!

  2. Even if he is a big chicken, Stevie sure is a handsome fellow! 😉 Such great mouser pics!

    PS Did you see the pics of our new addition?

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