Knott’s Berry Farm

I lived in the Orange County area when I was a little girl, my parents couldn’t afford a lot, even 20 years ago it was still really expensive to live down there! Every so often they would have really cheap specials on Season Passes for Knott’s Berry Farm. We lived only a few blocks from it so my mom would get them for us and that’s what we would do when I got home from school or on the weekends. We’d walk over to the park and feed the ducks and walk through the shops 🙂 I have a lot of really good memories of the downtown shopping area, the inside of the park has changed a lot, so when my mom, Eric and I were down there to see my Papa, we had to visit the downtown area.

A lot of the shops hadn’t changed and I loved the shots I got of them 🙂 






Gotta love those little jars lol










Goofballs lol




      1. Mint jelly can be bought in the supermarket here, and many different types of mint sauce, a staple in the Australian home kitchen, can’t have roast lamb without the mint sauce

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