Playing with the Daises

I love gardens! I love how green everything is and all the colors you don’t expect until the flower blooms. I, sadly, don’t like bugs, and they are a big part of gardens HAHA! Hopefully I’ll get over it someday, but for now I forced myself into places in my parents garden to take photos. Trying not to think about what spiders are around me in their webs or the ants that might be at my feet.. lol! I have problems I need to seriously work on 😛 

My mom loves daisies! So while I was taking some photos of them I couldn’t get any farther, they just captured my attention and I realized after I loaded the photos I didn’t get many other flower shots haha! So please enjoy what flowers caught my eye 🙂




As you can see I played with a few of these daisy shots and I think you might like them 🙂











I let Stevie into the garden with me so he can eat the bugs that might attack me hahaha! 😛 






  1. Lovely. Gotta say, you’re one of my favorite blogs to read. And please do pardon me and my comments on your every post. I hope I don’t cause some ‘noise’ hahaha. 🙂 Be well!

      1. Hahahha. And thank you so much for accepting me and my many comments. Cause truly, your photography is awesome. 🙂

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