The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!

I want to say I’m sorry to everyone who has nominated me for awards the last couple of months. I know I’ve been extremely lazy about doing them haha! This summer has been a bit crazy for me, but that’s no excuse. I think I have a hard time talk about myself like when it comes to filling out 7 facts about myself, I’m really not all that interesting lol!

This week an amazing blogger MakeSomethingMondays nominated me for this award and I was shocked because she inspires me! HAHA! She always has something entertaining and interesting to post, so I’m happy to say the least 🙂 If any of you haven’t seen her site, you must go check it out 🙂



1. Link back to the person who nominated you

2. Post the award image to your page.

3. Tell 7 facts about yourself.

Ok, I’ve done this before and all I would put is how much I love my husband William and our two cats George and Stevie HAHA! They are the only things that make my life interesting 🙂 So I’m going to cheat and not list 7 things, if ya all don’t mind lol! Oh what a rebel 😛

4. These are my 15 nominations (in no particular order).

Ok this part is hard because there are so many who do, and these people never cease to amaze me 🙂 They are always there for me when I need help and everything they do inspires me 🙂 Thank you everyone!

  1. Leanne Cole
  2. Shutterbug Sage
  3. Pink Ninjabi
  4. Robyn Lee
  5. mona
  6. Russel Ray Photos
  7. Hannah Wehrheim
  8. mdphotographers
  9. danbohmer
  10. barisaxnumbertwo
  11.  zannyro
  12. Snapshooter
  13. creativeboys
  14. The Mouse
  15.  Ravi Kaushik


  1. congratulations and thank you aoooo much – very honored… have accepted this one already but feel flattered that you felt my blog worth ~ as is yours too!! Much Love ~ RL

    1. Amanda, I am a bad editor (as I have written about before) so I generally go back and read my posts a day or two later & correct the inevitable errors. I was horrified to see I had used Andrea’s name twice! I am very sorry – it is fixed now.

      1. Wowee.. what an honor to be part of your cheerleading team! That’s amazing, really? Me, inspire you to do better. Woooo!!!! That just made my day… thank youuuuuu!!! 😀

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