The Art Walk

Our little town loves doing special downtown events during the summer. We only have about 3 months of good weather throughout the year, so when we do have it the whole west side of the state goes crazy and packs in as many things as they can. My parents and I have been trying to go to a few different things every weekend. We have an Art Walk that goes on the last weekend of every month. So this time I brought Frank, my camera, along so I can share what I see with you 🙂

Caught Leslie dancing in her costume. She owns an antique/antique costume shop and has provided costumes for many movies including Pirates of the Caribbean



Glimpses into Leslie’s shop









This picture is of my dad with Cameron. Cameron is our radio guy for the local station in town. The sweetest guy you’ll ever meet, he’s blind and has an amazing personality! You wouldn’t know he was blind, he does so many things on his own, not letting his disability get in his way 🙂



He was in charge of the music that played down the street for the event 🙂





There were beautiful classic cars down the street as well, but they deserve their own blog lol! So I’ll be posting those soon 🙂





  1. A photographers paradise it would seem. I hope Frank had a great time. That shop looks amazing, I love costume places, who doesn’t, they are like the massive dress up box.

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