Meeting Marilyn Monroe

Well my hubby is landing tonight and I couldn’t be more excited and impatient hahaha! It’s been a great week though, being down here in my hometown. Southern California has changed and hasn’t at the same time lol! There are a lot more people, but a lot of the same buildings and places look the same. I was living down here not too long ago and every time I come back, I don’t know why I expect so much to be changed. Probably because it’s such a fast paced world and So Cal likes to change things up more than a lot of other places. 

I spent the first couple of days with my best friend/sister Kaylie. We went to see Marilyn Monroe 😀 Apparently this statue has traveled all over the world! Different places bid on it and whoever wins gets to have it displayed in their city for a year! I was extremely excited to see her and she was absolutely gorgeous 🙂 Standing at 3 stories high, this girl really grabs your attention hahaha! 

Enjoy 🙂













I know this is an odd angle, but I think it’s kind of cool hahaha






    1. HAHAHA I did not know that! Ok so I don’t know if you’re into these kinds of shows, but early this year they started a show called SMASH and it’s about these writers who start writing a Broadway musical on Marilyn! It has singing and it’s really interesting! I learned a lot about her on that show because i didn’t know a lot about her before! You can watch the episodes for free online! This is the pilot, you totally don’t have to watch it, but it’s very interesting lol!

  1. I absolutely love her! And like, I watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and totally fell in love with her character. Her story is an amazing one too. Thank you for capturing some Marilyn!


      1. yes, totally, her story totally touched my heart. How like, she would take hours to get ready, work really hard for her movie parts, and do all that she can to make up for her ‘lack of talent’ by simply being amazing. She’s such an inspiration. She married for brains, not looks. She’s an incredible woman. Just like you! 😀

  2. Can I say that being able to stand underneath her and looking up seems a bit weird, but that could be just me. I am hoping that you have seen your husband by now.

  3. Glad your hubby is back Amanda.. Funny because I watched the film Weekend with Marilyn just a few weeks ago. Always been fascinated with her story. This statue is really cool and who would have known that something like this was actually built.. 🙂

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