Harvest Crusades at Anaheim Stadium

Before my hubby got home people were trying to keep me busy, haha! So my mother-in-law took me to the Harvest Crusades in Anaheim! I haven’t been to one of these in a long time, but they have one at the stadium every year. It’s an evening of concerts and Pastor Greg Laurie has a sermon before the end of the night. It was a warm day, of course, and I applied sunscreen like a mad woman! (I didn’t get burned all summer!) I wasn’t too thrilled with these shots, if you don’t zoom in they look great! HAHA! It was a clear evening and I just love seeing how many people showed up! 







This is the David Crowder Band performing, one of my favorites 🙂









  1. I think they are great for what you were photographing. Sometimes it isn’t always possible to get the best access and trying to get great images, isn’t always possible. Some of these are great though.

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