The California Coast

When William got home, he, his mom and I went to go visit his sister and brother-in-law in Ventura. I haven’t been to the coast during the evening in years! I was so excited to have Frank (my Canon) with me! I got some really fun shots and got one of my hubby 😉 I just love showing him off haha! I will be posting more soon!




William and his sister Hailey 



Of course, the one picture I got of him smiling came out blurry lol! This one he just looks handsome in too 🙂












      1. Thank you! I was really excited about it! I took these pumpkin shots a few weeks ago, so I thought the pumpkin was perfect for the heading 🙂

    1. YES!! HAHA! You read in between the lines lol! Yeah we have been attached to the hip sense he’s been back, just so happy 🙂 Thank you Leanne!

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