Downtown Disney at Night

While visiting some of my family in Orange County we decided to stay out there and eat at downtown Disney! I LOOOOOOOOVE Disneyland at night, granted it’s only downtown Disney, but it still holds some of the Magic. William and I grew up going to Disneyland and once a year we still like to go and be kids 🙂 

These photos didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted. Because they were at night the pictures were soooo grainy, and when I adjusted them it smoothed out the faces of people in it way too much. I got a little frustrated.

I don’t really know how to set my camera to make night shots any less grainy. Any advise?












  1. Love Disney!!!! More pictures, please, if you have them! OUr kids grew up on Disney in Orlando. We spent hours and hours there since we lived in Orlando suburb and decided to get season passes. Also love the Cali Disney. You must publish more; just LOVE looking at these!
    Adn your Cali Coast sunset pictures in the prior post are excellent. Absolutely excellent. Something happened in these pictures – is it your subject focus? A big part of it is the lighting and your white balance. Nice job indeed!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. YAY! I’m so glad I was able to bring someone else that Disney joy 😀 Yes I have a few more so I will post them soon! Thank you so much on the compliments on the sunset shots! Honestly, I’m still learning so I haven’t changed much with those, just the ISO so they wouldn’t be blurry and I think I just lucked out 🙂 It was a beautiful evening. Thanks again!! Made my day!

  2. Taking photos at night is really hard, and the problems you had can’t be fixed without a tripod or a solid surface to leave your camera on so you can do a longer exposure at a lower ISO. You have to decide what is more important. Tripods can be hard to use, in that you have to set them up and some places won’t let you use them. I think they turned out fine, but I aren’t looking at them in a lot of detail. Looks like a great place to visit.

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