Hearst Castle – The Bedrooms

The estate is a pastiche of historic architectural styles that its owner admired in his travels around Europe. Hearst was a prolific buyer who did not so much purchase art and antiques to furnish his home as built his home to get his bulging collection out of warehouses. This led to incongruous elements such as the private cinema whose walls were lined with shelves of rare books. The floor plan of the Main Building is chaotic due to his habit of buying centuries-old ceilings, which dictated the proportions and decor of various rooms.

Hearst Castle featured 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 sitting rooms, 127 acres (0.5 km2) of gardens, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, a movie theater, an airfield, and the world’s largest private zoo. Zebras and other exotic animals still roam the grounds.



The bedrooms were amazing! Hearst owned a studio, among many other things he used his money on, so many of his guest were celebrities. I found this picture on Google images, I was upset to see that Cary Grant wasn’t in the shot! I wasn’t able to find him, but the tour guide mentioned Cary and said he visited the castle more than any of his other guests. The guide said he was there so often that he had stayed in every guest bedroom in the entire castle! I was so incredibly giddy over that! HAHAHA! I grew up watching any old black and white movies and was able to recognize a lot of faces in this photo.  


Notice Buster Keaton? I loved his pose in this shot the best! HAHA

In the castle we were only allowed to walk on the carpeted areas on the floor, so the photos don’t show off the rooms in the best angles, but you can see how incredible they were 🙂 
















Hearst’s Bedroom


Hearst’s Mistress’ bedroom, she stayed with him for 30 years until the day he died.









  1. And all that incredible luxury is now museum only to be seen from the carpeted walkways and not touched and enjoyed because the family cannot afford the upkeep and especially the taxes. Am I correct in remembering that they use a small portion of the mansion for their private affairs? Wouldn’t it be grand to have family Christmas here?

    1. It would be amazing during Christmas 🙂 I know that the staff are allowed to have family visit them there and the staff can swim in the pools and a couple of times a year they let the staff’s family come and swim as well! They also do special evening tours where people dress up in like 30’s themed outfits and the pictures looked awesome!

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