Moon Falls

This was the first time I’ve seen Moon Falls and it absolutely captivated me! We rounded the corner and the size made me gasp, I wish I would have had William stand next to it because the pictures don’t show the size of it very well. 

I was pretty happy with how these turned, the last one I think is my favorite 🙂



Tell me what you think of this one, I softened it and it’s something new I haven’t done before 🙂






I’m especially proud of this one 😀 Turned out better than I thought lol 



  1. Gorgeous! I am having a hard time picking a fav between #2 and #4. Is there a story behind the fall’s name?

    1. I absolutely love the last one 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I wish I knew more about the falls, people in town just know to go there, but no one knows any story about it 😦 I’ll have to ask more people haha

  2. That’s it, my dear pro, you gotta start selling your photos, like really, these are STuNNING. iStockphoto, redbubble, just saying, you can really start making a profit with how beautifully done these are. And just like Kristian Bogner, you capture them purely by chance, but with that intention to see something beautiful, a peek into your heart 😀

    1. Awwww you just made my day! My husband was really excited when he read your comment 🙂 I’ve never thought they were good enough to sell, but we will definitely look into it 😀 THANKS A BUNCH PINK!

      1. Absolutely! Redbubble offers it as retail, but I’m sure like Marina Kanavaki on my list of commenters, she may have ideas too as she does it regularly for her art. 😀 It may not be a huge source of income, but definitely gives your readers a chance to own a piece of your wonderful artistry. 😀

  3. The waterfalls are absolutely spectaculor. They certainly look big. I would love to be photographing some waterfalls right now, it would be nice with the weather we have been having.

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