New Lens and Camera Backpack

For Christmas my Husband, William, got me a new lens for Frank! In case you don’t know my Canon Camera is named Frank, he’s very fond of his name haha! 

EFS 10-22mm 



My Papa always gives us kids Christmas money and I ended up finding the camera backpack I wanted for really cheap on Amazon! 

Lowepro SlingShot 202 AW (I took this photo from Google Images)




So I had an amazing Christmas, to say the least! HAHA! Due to sickness the last week or so, yesterday was the first time I was able to take it out and use it a bit. I was able to bring both lens with that amazing bag and I’m just so excited about that. It snowed up here the other day so we drove about 30 minutes into the mountains to find fresh snow. I’ll be posting more photos soon, I have quite a few to go through still.













William and my brother Ryan playing with snow 😀



  1. Oh, wow! You got a new lens. It’s actually my dream lens. I’m still saving up for it because it is very expensive here in my country. Enjoy the new lens. Looking forward to seeing your photos using that lens.

  2. I would love a wide angle like that one. It looks fantastic and looks like you got some great shots as well. The bag looks good, I got a similar one for Christmas but mine was a Tamrac. Can’t wait to see more images with the new lens.

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