Snow Day Part 2

These are the last of my snow shots. I might take some more later, but I’m definitely over being in the snow haha! One small amount of time in it and I’m DONE! 

 My William 😀






Sled time with William and my brother, Ryan 🙂






Snowball fight! I stayed out of it… lol



*Sigh* ^_^






  1. Love the blues, new quote, and fun pics! Kristian totally talked about the best photographers know to have fun with it, keeps your creativity going. Love your tag line of ‘view finder’. LOVE!!! I’m a ‘view finder’ photographer too. 😀

      1. I totally get it! Like Paparazzi got nothing on me! Or, look out Nigel Barks! You got competition! It’s like this more pro photographer side of me who sees things in a beautiful light that I want to share with the world. I get it. Thank you. 😀 So great to have another photographer friend! I tried creating a blog, but found it really intimidating reading other photographer’s blogs as they start getting into a lot of detail and techniques that scare the crap out of me… or like, they talk about intention and this and that… scarrryy

      2. Oh gee, you see my site lol! All I do is post the picture and put a little story about it, I don’t really know all the terms for everything and I don’t think anyone cares 🙂 All this blog is for is to have fun! So just be yourself and post what inspires you, no worries or stressing 😀

  2. Love these shots Amanda ~ and your clear adoration for your sweetie 🙂
    All beautiful ~ shadows of snow… New Lens working well it seems!

    ps: my post of last night got trashed (never went to reader) — so sorry your comment was on there… just didn’t want you to think i deleted or anything. Much appreciate and so glad your system is up and running with the settings thing! xo Robyn

    1. Thank you! I’m glad they turned out so well 🙂 No worries about your blog, I won’t take anything personally because I always worry about what people think of me as well! HAHA! I already know you’re a sweetie 🙂 Thanks again for the comment!

  3. Whew, crazy cool lighting in the last picture. White balance or did you adjust otherwise,or natural? Really like it with the trees.

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