City Hall of St. Helens

Good day fellow bloggers!

William and I weren’t away for very long, but it was a nice little trip. I was able to photograph quite a few places and different things. St. Helens is one of my favorite little towns to visit, it sits right on the Colombia River. We lucked out, it’s usually very windy on the river, but it wasn’t that windy at all, It was freezing though! HAHA! We spent the first couple of hours there and while eating lunch it snowed a little bit lol! 

This beautiful City Hall building was in a Disney channel movie called, Halloween Town and there was a little glimpse of it in the first Twilight movie.St. Helens has had a few movies shot there and it was excited walking around, but on the day we were there almost everything was closed! So we weren’t there long, and because it was so cold I didn’t get as many pictures as I had hoped.

The City Hall is my favorite building to see while I’m there.







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