Cacao Drinking Chocolate – Portland


“Cacao features a hand picked selection of chocolate from around the world, including an extensive range of premium solid chocolate bars from small producers, select chocolate from the best local chocolatiers and makers, and our house-made drinking and hot chocolates.”



A few months ago I saw this TV show on the Food Network called, Unique Eats. Yes, I love the Food Network and watch it often, lol! While watching it they introduced a chocolate shop in Portland called, Cacao Drinking Chocolate. They talked about these chocolatiers and how different they create their own chocolate! There is a woman who has what she calls the “Coffee Bar”, which has absolutely no chocolate in it! Just coffee melted and molded until it’s smooth and sprinkles raw sugar into it so it isn’t so bitter. They also talked about drinking chocolate… I had to find out more lol! Turns out they serve shots and mugs of pure chocolate… I REPEAT… pure chocolate! You need to sip it because it’s extremely filling.

So while we were exploring Portland, I told William we had to stop by there! It was so amazing! We were clueless as to what different chocolate bars were better than others, there was a man working there who helped us pick out different little bars. Then he described the drinking chocolate and I had to try that! It was a very interesting experience. 

If you want to read more about it, go to the site above where the quote came from, it’s a really amazing place to visit!

















  1. woweee! You should totally show your photos to them as a way for them to advertise themselves on their website etc. I’m telling ya, you got talent! 😀 Just like how Kristian Bogner does it, capturing the essence of what they hope to present! 😀

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