Our Trip to the Gorge

The Gorge is the Columbia River separating Oregon from Washington. We got to a town called Hood River and it was already dark. We could see the lights from the charming little downtown area and we really wanted to find someplace fun to eat. Using the app on my phone called, “Yelp” we were able to search what restaurants were in the area in our price range! 

Driving along the dark roads we came upon the brewery, “Full Sail”. We’ve seen their beers in the local grocery stores and thought it would be fun to check it out! The reviewers said the Cheese Beer Soup was amazing, so of course I have to give that a try 😀



They sold a beer sampler of a few that they brew at that location. I don’t care much for beer, but their Red Lager was really good!



It was pretty cold so I only took a few outside shots, but I would have to say we would definitely go there again! The Cheese Beer Soup was…. incredible! If you’re in the area, go eat there!



The next morning I ran out of our Hotel to take some pictures of the beautiful Columbia River. Looking across at Washington State, it’s amazing how close we were I almost felt like I could touch it.







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