Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Colorado Springs

Back in October William and I went to Colorado Springs with his sister, Hailey and her husband Eric to visit family. I’ve never been there before, and we are talking about possibly moving there for work, so we all decided to check it out! 

It reminds me a lot of where I grew up in southern California, dry dirt hills, hiking consists of small canyons, so I felt comfortable. Over the last 7 years, I’ve gotten used to the wet and green area I live in, so we’ll see what will happen. 

One of the first places we saw was the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (, which is one of the most beautiful zoos I’ve ever seen! It was propped up on a hill and it had some pretty cool animals! Hailey and I were very excited to have our awesome cameras, and spent most of the time looking through our view finder 🙂 

I have a lot of photos from this day, haha, so let’s start with the giraffes. I’ve never been to a zoo where they had the platforms up high enough to feed them! We were at eye level with them! I was really excited about the shots I got 😀 







Hailey feeding them 🙂 As you can see, I had a hair in my camera that I didn’t know about until after the trip 😦 I tried to fix it in some of my shots, but in this one it just wasn’t working, so I had to leave it.






Hailey and Eric 🙂



Some of them even let us pet them!!








  1. Of course, haha, what else would you do when you love photography 🙂 I get into trouble for it all the time. The photos are amazing, it isn’t very often you can get up close to animals like this. I love Giraffes, there is something so wrong about them, but so right as well.

  2. We have a similar situation at a zoo an hour or so away from us – able to feed and pet the giraffes on a raised platform. My younger daughter is in love with every one of those giraffes, and every other giraffe that’s ever lived. Too, too cool.

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