Animals of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

While William and I were visiting Colorado Springs with family, we, as you know, went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It was absolutely amazing, the most beautiful Zoo I’d ever seen! Unfortunately, there were a lot of bars on their cases to try to get by with the focus of my camera. Frank (my Canon) was going crazy with his focus HAHA! I tried to do it manually for a while, but it turned out to be a lot faster to set it to auto and take A LOT of pictures. I can’t believe how many more pictures I still have to go through. These are the shots I took in order of the animals we saw. They will be random, but some of them turned out well 🙂 







This guy was my favorite to photograph 🙂






I wish I was able to get better photos of these monkeys, but the bars were a problem



Most of the lions were hiding (as they always seen to do) so I was very excited to find this lion posing and waiting for her picture to be taken 😀



Lots more to come!!


  1. These are so great! I know what you mean about bars ~ have encountered similar. I’m in Chicago right now across from Lincoln Park Zoo ~ will try to get something posted soon as I can manage a trip there… but know will be similar re: bars — Still so great to see the creatures ~ 1st monkey is so CUTE!! 🙂 Love you way ~ RL

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