The Docks of Newport Beach

So happy to announce that this is my 1 year anniversary with WordPress! I can’t tell you how amazing you all are, you’ve helped me with all my silly questions and have helped me to continue to do what I love. Thank you all for encouraging me and never letting me quit.

William and I visited Newport Beach this last weekend! It was a lot of fun, the first thing we did was visit the docks and the beautiful bridge next to it. I was happy with the time of day I took these. 

Sorry for being away for so long, I just now was able to adjust these shots. Enjoy 😀





































  1. Don’t know if my last comment went through but, Congrats on your one year anniversary of amazing photos! thank you for sharing with all of us, I was in new port by the way a couple of years back and was sooooo in awe with the waves and further down? devil’s punch bowl 😀

  2. We spent two weeks there renting a house on the beach two years back. What a wonderful place it was and a great time we had there. Lots to see and do in the area. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Thank you! I’m so happy to be apart of this blogging site, it has completely changed my style of photography and made me a different person 🙂 Thank you for all the help you give me when I need it!

      1. 🙂 It is our pleasure! I too am very happy that I came across this community. I get to travel to places and see things that I may have never seen before. I love how you specifically take us on little trips with you :-).

  3. Well done Amanda, you’ve progressed in leaps and bounds, your last but one shot is my fave, you now I like detail! 😄😉

    1. YAY! So glad you liked them 😀 I was really happy with the time of day it was when I took these, I don’t think they would have turned out as good if it wasn’t a good time of day 🙂 All about timing, you know 😛 Thanks for commenting!

  4. I agree with one of the comments above. You have progressed so far in your photography. Are you taking classes? What have you done to get to this point? You ARE a photographer…not a “wannabe.” Congratulations to you, Amanda.

    1. Thank you so much Mona! No classes, I’m just taking a lot more pictures than I used to, and I’m finding all these different ways I want to take them, it’s really amazing when I take them home and I go, wait… I took that? HAHA! You have pushed me to continue and I appreciate you so much for it 🙂

  5. Separate from the beautiful images you capture Amanda, I continue to be wonderfully captivated by the angles in which you make your images. They show us familiar scenes in ways most of us have never seen them. And, those angles draw the eye further and further into the images. Beautiful work.

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