30 Day Challenge – Day 8 “Routine”

I’m keeping to the “personal” style for these challenges, something that I go through or that means something to me. As much as these challenges are driving me crazy, I’m actually having a lot of fun seeing what I come up with 🙂

This one isn’t very creative, in my opinion, because as soon as I thought of it I had a, “DUH!” moment lol! Routine for me, is my coffee and comics. I have to read Dear Abbey, the celebrity gossip column and my comics every morning with my coffee. Doesn’t matter if it’s a hot morning, I still want my coffee. These last couple of mornings we have been having breakfast on our porch so the warm sun can hit us. These were taken on the table on our porch, as some of you might know, I do NOT drink black coffee, this was just a model cup for me to photograph HAHA!



  1. This is GREAT Amanda! Very artistic portrayal of your morning routine. Love it in b&w too — A+ for this day 8 challenge! x 🙂 Robyn

  2. How do you like your coffee, I’m intrigue now, I think we have this impression that all Americans drink black coffee, I like cafe lattes and I have a machine to make mine.
    I think the image, it is simple, but then sometimes they are the best kind.

    1. Haha I have it with non-dairy creamer and sometimes xylitol because I don’t have the best teeth lol! Oh man I really want that machine! I love soy lattes 😀 thanks for the comment! I love simple shots 🙂

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