30 Day Challenge – Day 9 “Someone You Love”

Yes, I chose the obvious person lol! Here’s a little back story on how I met my amazing husband, William.

We met at age 15 at a Halloween event held in my church in California. He was so quiet I really can’t remember if he even said anything to me that night! HAHA! He was the tall dark and handsome man I’ve always wanted and being only 5 feet tall, his 6′ 3″ height really made me nervous! Haha! When we were both 18 we went on a few dates, but I felt like something just wasn’t there, I didn’t realize until I got older that God wanted me to mature a bit, because he was the one I was suppose to marry 🙂 We met up again at age 22, started a long distance relationship now that I was in Oregon and a year later we were married. I can’t explain what I felt for him when I saw him again after 4 years, it was a completely different feeling. Growing up around him in high school, I was always attracted to him. He always made me nervous, which not a lot of people did. I found that he was someone I could spend my life with, and that’s what scared me. We are coming toward our 3 year anniversary, and he still gives me butterflies and makes me nervous HAHA! I’m so lucky to have him in my life again.



  1. Loved this Amanda!! Beautiful – and parallels my “back story” majorly! Now 26 years later !! 🙂 It only gets better ~ Enjoy and Love ~ Robyn

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