Newport Aquarium

While visiting the coast we stopped by the aquarium! William and I have been to this one before, but I didn’t have my Frank (my Canon) with me yet! I was excited to share this new experience with him, and I believe he enjoyed himself 🙂

Photographing through thick glass was really hard. Next time I will probably bring my tripod. There’s grain that I just wasn’t able to remove, but other than that I think they look decent. Definitely could have been better.




Yes, that’s a little crab! HAHA






















  1. Your pictures turned out awesome! I did something today that I didn’t think I could do – I got Lucy (my Canon!) out and put it in manual. I never do that and I convinced myself I am not smart enough to learn ISO, f stops, etc. I am still not very far along but I do know you will eventually find the right condo. Let me ask you this..when buying a lens is there a certain number that the f stop SHOULD go down to if needed? I bought a lens today, ordered it, now I’m having second thoughts. I appreciate your input a bunch.

    1. It’s hard because I’m still learning too! Haha! But the best thing to do is YouTube it. Your camera and lens see what people say. I haven’t changed my f stop with my new lens, so you might not have to. Sorry I couldn’t be more help! Can’t wait to see pictures from “Lucy’s” new lens 😀

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