30 Day Challenge – Day 10 “Childhood Memory”

I moved up to the Pacific Northwest when I was 18 years old with my family, so all of my childhood memories are down in Southern California. I was thinking of food maybe? I really was having a hard time, haha! I finally came up with a board game my mom and I used to play with my Grandma called, Masterpiece. I was homeschool, so when I was really young my mom would do just about anything to get us excited about learning. Any game that was educational we would play. I have fantastic memories of my Grandma, Mom and me playing this game for hours. It’s a game of gambling and chance to see if the painting you purchased is worth the most or if it’s a forgery. What I loved most about the game was the paintings inside, there were so many from famous artist and the names of the painting and the artist were written on the back of each card. I learned the most about art and retained it because of this game. Textbooks never really stuck with me, lol, but this game helped 🙂




  1. Truly wonderful photo Amanda – and I love the way this game sounds. I’ve never heard of it – what a great way to teach kids about art. I am going to look it up. Such wonderful memories it sounds like! Thanks for sharing this ~ x RL

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