30 Day Challenge – Day 11 “Something Blue”

I woke up thinking about this challenge one morning and while I was pondering about it, my answer was right in front of my face, literally. Our cat Stevie decides to wake us up every morning for food by putting his face right in mine, and he has these big blue eyes! My husband also has blue eyes, but Stevie’s are the first I see to start my day haha!



  1. Oh he’s lovely, what wonderful deep eyes he’s got. Your very lucky he sat still so you could take the photo, my cats don’t always sit still long enough to take a really good photo. πŸ™‚

  2. Cats are funny things, my cat does something similar and if I don’t wake up, he does things like trying to sit on my face, anything he can do to annoy me. You have a beautiful cat.

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